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Telling stories is the most natural way of passing on information. Whether it’s folk tales, cautionary tales, general knowledge or new language; a story gives meaning, context and creates interest. All of this makes it a “no brainer” as to why we should include them in our English classes.

Finding leveled language set in interesting situations for young and very young learners can be challenging. EKI has your back. Our storyboards are targeted at specific age ranges to appeal to our students developmental level, while giving you, the teacher, the chance to introduce and review language naturally.

Topics and imagary are designed to appeal to students from kindergarten through elementary school and are closely matched to the current Japanese Ministry of Education’s curiculum, to ensure crosssover of vocabulary, target language and international understanding.

Being exposed to longer passages of language is a key part of elementary school English learning. Creating these lengthier materials that hold students interest can be difficult for both HRT and ALT. EKI Storyboards give the structure needed to allow students to enjoy and understand these longer passages. Coupled with the iterative nature of the stories even our youngest learners can enjoy and grasp the meaning of the stories.

In an ever more digital world where students can stream videos and find exmples of language online, creating opportunities for meaningful interaction between people is of increasing importance . EKI storyboards allow the HRT and ALT to play the part of characters in the story showing the importance of verbal and non verbal communication. The supplied leveled language gives a base that teachers can build from to match their students level and adlibs are encouraged to give more nuance and enjoyment!

Classroom management may also improve as “storytime” indicates a lowering of the pace, while keeping the students actively engaged in the language. Storytime for younger learners is often associated with fond memories of a teacher telling well loved traditional Japanese stories using large cards with images. EKI Storyboards tap into this to create a “quiet time” where students are encouraged to think and understand for themselves. A welcome break in some classrooms!

EKI’s recommended method of telling the stories ensures a structured progression from active listening, through participation with Q&A or taking a role, working toward a place where students can retell the stories themselves to their peers. Iteration is a key point. The stories allow the teller to repeat key phrases at an appropriate level for the learners giving ample opportunity for your students to hear, and absorb the language before challenging them to become involved and participate in the story themselves.

The stories allow for the same story to be used while increasing the complexity of the basic language point. Starting with a simple statement “I’m happy” the same phrase can be re-iterated to allow for a response - “I’m happy! How about you?” this can be recycled once more to a question and answer pattern - “How are you? I’m happy!”

Including EKI storyboards in your classes has multiple benefits for both ALTs and HRTs. Initially a meeting (uchiawase) will be needed to ensure that roles are clear and that the story is a success, however as you both get used to the storyboard format and style EKI storyboards become almost no-prep options for your classroom. Following a regular pattern where the storyboard provides input for your students followed up by a allowing time for students to discuss what they heard and understood ensures that students are actively learning and receiving praise from their teachers on understanding language, context and concepts.


物語を語ることは、 情報を伝える最も自然な方法です。 民話であれ、教訓的な話であれ、一般的な知識であれ、新しい 言語であれ、物語は意味や文脈を与え、興味を生み出し ます。 これらの事から英語の授業に物語を取り入れることは、「当たり前(自然)」なことといえます。

幼児や児童が興味・関心を抱くような場面設定、かつ幼児・児童のレベルに合わせたストーリーを選ぶことは難しいです。エイゴキッズイチバは、そんなあなたをサポートします。エイゴキッズイチバのストーリーボードは子ども達の発達レベルに合わせた特定の年齢層をターゲットにしており、同時に先生片には言語を自然に導入し、 復習する機会を提供します。



生徒が動画をストーリーミングしたり、オンラインで言語の例を見つけたりできるデジタル社会では、人と人との有意義な交流の機会を作ることがますます重要になっています。エイゴキッズイチバのストーリーボード は、HRTとALTが物語の登場人物に扮し、言語的と非言語のコミュニケーションの重要性を示すことができます。提供されているレベル分けされた言語は、教師が生徒のレベルに合わせて構築できるベース となり、アドリブはニュアンスや楽しさを与えるために推奨されています。

また、「読み聞かせタイム」は、児童が積極的に参加する一方で、ペース配分をしながら進めることができるため、落とすことを意味するので、クラスルームマネージャーの改善にも有効です。低学年の児童にとっての「読み聞かせタイム」は、先生が紙芝居を使って日本の伝統的な物語を語ってくれたという思い出があるものでしょう。 エイゴキッズイチバのストーリーボードは、これを利用して生徒が自分で考え、理解することを促す「静かな時間」 を提供します。ウェルカムブレイクになるかもしれません。


同じストーリーを使いながら、基本的な言葉ポイントの複雑さを高めることができます。例えば「I’m happy」というシンプルな表現から始まり、同じフレーズを繰り返して、最後には児童が「I’m happy」と答えることができるようになります。また、レベルを少しアップして「I’m happy! How about you?」をもう一度繰り返して、質問と答えのパターンにすることが出来ます。






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